I think all the dogs have Spring Fever this week. Here in North Carolina, it’s been warm and sunny and I think the dirt must smell really good. All Buckley wants to do when he goes outside is dig holes and eat dirt. I’ve even caught Penny digging a little hole! I can put up with some digging, but the eating of dirt…well, I think it’s a little weird.

Penny hasn’t been feeling like herself lately. She had a severe allergic reaction last week for an unknown reason and then was so lethargic and strange on Monday that I took her back in. Like the worried mom I am, I had her have a blood test. Nothing wrong with her! I’m glad, but I still don’t know why she keeps skipping meals. Of course when I heard about the pet food recall I was panicked! Turns out I was not feeding the variety of canned Nutro that was affected, and that Penny was not in danger from this particular problem.

Speaking of the Pet Food recall…this is a really scary thing. I just heard on the news that rat poison was found in the tainted food. Yes, that’s right, rat poison. I am just stunned and so far have not heard an explanation for how the rat poison could wind up in pet food. www.menufoods.com/recall has a complete list of the recalled brands and varieties.

I have also read in the news that it has been discovered that Menu Foods knew there was a problem for the past month and did not recall the foods in a timely manner. This is horrible! Plus, it just shows that we have no idea where our pet’s food is being produced and that one company, such as Menu Foods, would make 95 brands of canned pet food.

Here is a link to an article that was just posted from the New York Times:
Pet Food Scare

It’s scary anytime our dogs are sick, but to think that we could be killing them while we’re feeding them. Well, that is simply horrible.