It’s been an interesting week all around with the dogs, but Buckley sure topped it off with his attempt at attacking a stray cat in our backyard last night! It was not a pretty sight and I was relieved that Cris was out there to grab Buckley before he got a second swat. Yes, that’s right, Buckley found out that cats have CLAWS and he has the marks on his snout to prove it! I think Buck was more angry when he learned that cats could fight back than at the fact that the cat was in HIS yard.

I don’t know what the latest update on the canned dog/cat food recall is, but out of safety concerns (or perhaps paranoia) I have stopped feeding any canned food. This has made it difficult to administer medications and is denying the dogs the tasty little treat they enjoyed on top of their dry food. My mom found this great book a while ago with recipes for dog food and treats that is providing us with a lot of ideas for what our dogs can eat instead of the canned food. The book is “Real Food for Dogs” and it’s a really cute little book with veterinarian approved recipes. Check it out!