Ok, well it’s not like he hasn’t had a bath before, but this was a wild outdoor bath. Saturday was hot! And since Janko needed a bath and frankly, it’s not all that fun to bathe a large German Shepherd (even a well behaved one like Janko) in a bathtub. So, Mom and Andy (my brother) brought Janko over to my backyard. My yard was the perfect place because at this point I have more grass which logically means less mud.

Janko thought the bath was great. He loves catching water out of the hose and leaping into the air to catch the spray. He also spent a lot of time running and so we had a wonderful side effect of the bath: a tired German Shepherd! Like I’ve said before, a tired dog is a happy dog! I think we may be tempted to bathe him more often.

We also got to test out a new bath product on Janko: a rubber brush with a little shampoo bottle inside so that you can squeeze and scrub. Really saves those nails and worked great on a thick coated GSD. I will be reviewing this great product under “Grooming Tools” in the product review section.