For those of us who have dogs with allergies, this time of year can be a stress. Itching, scratching, chewing on the legs and feet, welts on the chest…the list of symptoms goes on forever. Usually, Buckley is the only dog in this pack with bad allergies, but with the excessive pollen this season, all our dogs are showing signs of skin irritation. One thing we are trying to do is wipe the dogs fur down with a damp cloth after they’ve played outside. It seems as though pollen is getting stuck on their fur since the cloths a slightly green tinted!

If you’re concerned that your dog is showing unusual signs of allergies, consult your Vet. Sometimes medicated shampoos, extra omega fatty acids and benadryl (dosed by a vet) can assist with the skin issues created by allergies.

I also recommend the articles on allergies at the Drs. Foster and Smith web site.
Check it out for some great information!