Lately, I’ve been encountering a lot of people on various dog chat forums who are complaining about their destructive dogs. Often, these dogs are not crate trained either because the owner really feels strongly against crate training, or because the new dog (often a shelter dog) has a bad reaction to the crate. Whenever this is the case, and I have gone through this, we have to come up with some ways to protect your home and of course, your Dog while you work on introducing the crate. I strongly suggest that if you cannot crate your puppy or dog that you create a “safe room”. The “safe room” will be a room or rooms which have been puppy-proofed to eliminate the possibility of the dog injuring himself. Look for power cords, paper goods, knick knacks, laundry, etc. Provide your dog with safe things to play with. Do not leave bones, soft toys, or anything you know your dog could destroy easily. If your dog were to ingest or choke, you wouldn’t be able to provide immediate medical attention.

Instead, try a stuffed Kong toy to occupy the bored dog and provide safe chewing relief. You might even want to check out Kong Time, a timed Kong dispensing invention. Read my Review of Kong Time for more information.

Also, consider working towards a goal of crate training your dog. Even if your dog is not destructive, it may be appropriate as some time in their life to confine a dog, and you might want to make sure that your dog is familiar and comfortable with the process.