I am concerned that it is going to take longer than we think to get to the bottom of the Menu Foods Pet food recall. First they tells us rat poison, then a chemical found in contaminated wheat gluten from China (which by the way, China denies). And the recall just continues reaching to jerky treats, canned cat and dog food, some dry foods, and now over 20 varieties of dog biscuits. It is being reported that pet owners across the country are demanding more information from pet food manufacturers as well as buying more organic, and wheat free foods. I have to admit, I am totally with them. I have stopped using ANY of the brands associated with the recall. And I am considering not buying anymore treats containing wheat. I have even called the information number for the company that makes the food my dogs eat (Royal Canin) and quizzed them as to the safety standards of their manufacturing. While there is no wheat in my dog’s food, I am still concerned… I found this FDA site regarding the pet food recall and it was interesting. Moreover, it is an indication as to how very seriously American pet owners take the safety of their pets food. I know I do!