Just wanted to let everyone know about some great new things coming to this website soon! Buckley will be writing his own product reviews and opinions in his segment called “The Buck Stops Here”. Watch for his opinions on Dirt, and why Mops, Brooms and Vacuums are dangerous!

Also, the panel and I are working on reviewing some great new products that we are very excited about, including a product to help you potty train your pup and a great way to stop shedding. (yes, Valery is very excited about this one!) and a great book. Buckley is also testing out a puppy car seat (he doesn’t know it yet) and Mom is VERY excited about that one.

The panel is also working on giving the paw of approval to some new wheat free holistic biscuits and canned food that seems so delicious that Janko is actually looking for it in the fridge! No more trouble giving pills in canned food meatballs? Could it be too good to be true? Wait and find out all the dirt from the panel that works hard (and plays hard) to bring you the best and most accurate product reviews.