I often study the expressions on my dogs faces. I love to see if I can decipher what they’re thinking or feeling based on what shows up on their faces…just like with people. While I know that dogs are not people (just in case you were worried) and I know that dogs experience emotions and memory differently, I do think that a dog’s Happy Face is easy to figure out! Maybe that’s what I love about Jack Russells? Maybe I love the perpetual look of happiness? Buckley and Valery often have a pleased look, but more often a joyous expression just because I’m there. Janko too, seems to get a certain toothy grin when he sees me. Penny is different. It’s not that she’s not happy, but sometimes I think she thinks too much and tries to understand human stuff too much for her own good. I value her happy face all the more because of it. Lately, playing ball and eating a new treat gets the look of pure joy I love to see on her face. And since that carefree puppy look is so hard to come by with her, I have been trying to come up with new games that she will like. I love to do silly things to surprise her too. Penny’s surprised look is great…you just know it wasn’t what she was expecting.

I think I remember some book or something I saw on TV once about people who look like their dogs. It was amazing, though silly, and I wonder often if I begin to look like my dogs…all that studying of canine expressions…I guess it could happen!