Today, I hear an unhappy puppy crying on and off for hours. My dogs hear it too. None of us are happy about it. It looks like a young German Shepherd puppy is tied to the front porch on a house down the street. I don’t think anyone is really interacting with it and it makes me feel very upset. Please, don’t get a puppy if tying it to the front steps is all the energy you have for it.

The puppy is already learning to bark out of boredom and loneliness. For any dog, but especially a German Shepherd, this is a very bad habit to begin at so young an age. Eventually, the people who have this puppy will probably get it a dog house and tie it up in the backyard where it will bark its life away. This is no life for any dog! Someday, the people might want to stop the dog’s barking and decide to put a shock collar on it. The story will be sad unless something changes soon.

Puppies take time, money and energy. They are not backyard flamingos or front porch statues. They chew shoes, poop on the carpet, eat dry wall and create all manner of chaos in a home. So think hard before purchasing or rescuing that adorable puppy you have fallen so in love with. Are you ready to put in the hard labor and training? Are you prepared to suffer damage to items you “never thought he’d touch”? If not…it’s ok. Maybe it’s just not the right time.