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Dogs and Pool/Water Safety

Posted by Christin on 31 May 2007 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

All dogs can swim right? buck-pool-2.jpgWell, maybe…and you won’t know for sure how well your dog can swim until he/she is actually in the water. And just like people, dogs can get tired and drown if they can’t get out of the water. This is why backyard pools are such a danger. Your dog may be running around and just fall into the water and not be able to climb the steps to get out.

We have not tried to get Janko into the pool yet, but Valery and Buckley have been in and both can swim well. I do not know if Penny can or not because she hates water and doesn’t see the point! She won’t come near the edge to save her life. Although Buckley acts like he wants to get in…and then decides he hates it…we taught him how to climb out just in case. Valery swims very well and seems to enjoy it but needs help to get out.

You might want to consider this product I was reading about that can be used for children and pets called a “Safety Turtle Immersion Alarm.” Although I have not personally tried this product out, it looks like a great solution to pool safety. If anyone has used it, please comment and let everyone know what you think! Another safety measure for those who take their dogs to the beach or out on a boat on the lake is a Life Jacket. Just like people, dogs can tire in the water and need a flotation device.

So, think about water safety when including pets (and children) in summer activities. There are great products available and no reason to suffer a tragic loss.

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