Hello to my public! I am Buckley, Jack Russell Terrier Product Tester on my mom’s website. I asked Mom to write about my favorite product, but she wouldn’t, so I had to do it! Today, I will be reviewing one of my favorite products. It’s cheap, there’s lots of it in your backyard…it’s DIRT!

Things I love about DIRT:
1. you can dig in it
2. it tastes good
3. it works as camouflage
4. it gets squishy between your toes
5. it’s cool and a lot of fun

Things I think Mom doesn’t like about DIRT:
1. I track it in the house
2. I wear lots of it
3. Mom doesn’t like the holes in the backyard
4. Mom doesn’t like when I get obsessed with DIRT
5. she doesn’t like when I reverse sneeze ’cause I’ve got dirt in my nose

But dirt is fun. I could dig all day long…where’s my montage of Buckley Digging Photos?

So, if your dog is bored, or you’re bored, try DIRT! And like I said, it’s cheap.