Hello again to my public! I am so sorry I’ve taken so long to type out another post, but dirt, and swimming (I’m starting to like it) and chasing Penny around the yard have taken most of my time lately. I hope you will forgive me.

Today I would like to talk about a new toy I have discovered this season…Mom’s garden glove. It’s been really fun and I think all you dogs out there should try it out. This is what you do: When your mom isn’t looking, grab her garden glove and run around the yard with it. She’ll probably chase you or say “bring that back” or maybe, if you’re lucky, she’ll do what my mom does and give me a treat when I give it back to her! (This is my recommended option) Anyway, it’s very fun.

Mom’s pretty tricky sometimes though. Last week she put the gloves up high. I can see them, but I can’t reach. This is frustrating because all I can do now is look longingly at them…

So anyway. Garden gloves. Good toys. I think they’re cheap but I don’t really know. If you give them back you might get a treat. Plus, you know I look cute running around shaking it and jumping in the air right? (Where are my cute photos?) Take a look!
buck-with-glove-1.jpghere I am looking pretty sneaky! buck-with-glove-2.jpg Look at me now…I dropped it for a treat. (pretty smart eh?)