Dear Public,

My humans have been obsessed lately…but much to my disappointment, not with rats or digging. Try as I might to show them how good it feels to have dirt up your nose and bits of twigs stuck to the roof of your mouth, they refuse to participate. Instead, I am told to “be good” and then…they get out the guitars!

I would like to warn all you dogs out there about the dangers of Guitar Hero. I strongly suggest you find and chew up or bury the guitars ASAP! This is serious. If your people play as badly as mine do then your poor doggy ears will have to be subjected to the twangs and clashes of a song badly played. Not to mention the thumbs too sore to pet us.

I have heard rumors that some of you dogs have been convinced by your people to play this horrible game. This is true tragedy. I, Buckley, promise never to play or engage in any activity such as Guitar Hero.


**Try though he might, Buckley was seen playing Guitar Hero with his dad. Sorry Buck! Your secret is out. Love, Mom