Hey, all of you dog fans out there, I am Valery and I have something to say.
I know that Buckley writes reviews of “products,” like dirt, socks and such… Christin (my human sister) writes reviews of products we dogs have tested… I want to review a dog. Or maybe a relationship.

You know how we females are all about relationships? Well, you haven’t met anyone like my puppy, Janko. He rocks my Jack Russell world. Did I mention he is a German Shepherd Dog? Here is some of our back story.

I come from Walnut Cove, North Carolina. I am probably a mix (but don’t talk about it!) and made my way up to Cabarrus County, NC, where I was rescued back a few years ago by an awesome woman who really digs dogs with some help from her daughter, AKA, my sister.

For the first couple of years, I was an only dog. I had what my humans called, “separation anxiety.” I was not sure my mom would come home when she left, and sometimes – don’t talk about it- I chewed my foreleg if I felt stressed. My humans used calming products that helped and some stuff that tasted yucky on my leg, but I still was not as secure a dog as I am today.

One day in October 2005, he came– my puppy, and now my best bud, Janko. His full name is Janko Vom Courage Haus, and I have been told that he is one of Teresa and Brad Scamardo’s Vom Courage Haus German Shepherd Dogs. I saw right off that my mothering skills were needed and that I would have to show this furry bear cub of a puppy that I was the top dog here.

I had to protect him from dangers in the beginning, but he caught on. There was a snake close by once, and I would not let him get near. Sometimes he played too roughly, and I gave him the ol’ mother growl and nip. Even now, with his 94 pounds, I jump up in my best “Yoda” form and give him a nip and a tuck and that boy backs off. Sometimes, he just gets too silly and those big paws can come down a bit hard on a Russell back.

Mostly we chill out together and I no longer feel afraid when mom leaves me—even all day. My best buddy, Janko, is usually by my side or very close by. It took a little time in his puppyhood, but it was worth the wait. We have a great pack here and the extended one makes it that much better.

So if you are a little afraid, or would like a loving companion, think about a German Shepherd Dog–a well-bred one like my bro, Janko—tough and tender. Courage and caring. Almost as great as a JRT!