Today, I did something I have never done before when I saw a small black puppy dangling and screaming on the end of a leash off someone’s front porch. I walked up and asked if I could buy it!

“I love this puppy” I said. “How much will you sell it to me for?” I was told that I could have the emaciated pup for $50. “I’ll be right back with the cash” I said as I ran back to my car.

About ten minutes later I was back with the cash. I was then told by the baggy clothes wearing person of questionable character that the price had gone up to $100 because so much “time” had been spent “housetraining” the puppy. (I highly doubted that this puppy was eating much, let alone learning anything)

$60 is all I could do…so I walked away with a hungry puppy.

I’ve named her Plum and already contacted the agency that helped me fine a home for Ava this past Fall. I hope to find a foster home for her as I have no room to take her in for more than a couple of days due to the fact that I have 4 dogs at my house right now.