In a society where we far underestimate the importance of regular exercise for ourselves, I think it has become an epidemic that we ignore our dog’s need for exercise as well. Just think about our daily routine: get up, drive to work, sit/stand, drive home, feel exhausted and barely make it through a night of dinner, computer and TV time. Wow. That’s a really exciting life for our canine companions. Just think about what they’re doing all day: Watching us get ready, waiting, waiting, waiting, eating, waiting, being told to stop barking and lay down. If we think our daily grind is getting to us just picture their lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know some dogs love being couch potatoes and of course, older dogs may have health problems that interfere with exercise. However, in most cases is it really fair to our animals to expect them to just sit around and wait? Is it really fair to us to do this to ourselves?

Some very well known dog trainers suggest that anything less than one full hour of exercise isn’t enough for a dog. Ok, let’s be practical here…I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME! I shoot for about 20-25 minutes each evening during the week and maybe more on the weekends. I also provide my dogs with some kind of interesting toy like a Kong, buster cube, Kong Wobbler, Busy Buddy etc. These toys provided a challenge and outlet for dogs that works well along with exercise.

Bottom line: More activity is good for us AND them!