Penny is going to be 8 years old in November. I simply can’t believe it! She is still very youthful, energetic and athletic and could out run, out jump and out fetch many dogs years younger. (Yeah, I think she’s in GREAT shape) Since she was about 3, Cris and I have wanted to take her for agility lessons but one thing or the other has just gotten in the way. I realized recently, that as she gets older or if something happened to her, I would feel bad that if I didn’t give her a chance to try agility.

So…I made an appointment for a private 30 minute lesson with a very well known agility trainer in our area. The first thing I have to say about training agility is that the people are certainly getting trained and had better be able to keep up with the dog! I was sweaty within 10 minutes. Penny picked up the bar jump, ladder (for training the back feet awareness), A-frame and weave poles (set open) pretty quickly. I felt we all got the basic idea within the first 30 minute session and were exhausted as well.

So, now we need some agility equipment in our yard–of course! Cris is going to start with a set of weave poles that we can open and close as needed. Check out “instant agility” for some great homemade plans.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch some live action photos of what Penny is learning during our next session!