There is one distinct problem with pet ownership…the fur. There is also one particular dog in my life who seems to “fur it up” so to say. Poor Valery. Cute, yes. Furry, VERY! Controlling her shedding is particularly challenging during this time of year when she is shedding her summer coat and getting her winter one in. Even petting or brushing her can be hard because I get fur all over me and on my face and it makes me itch.

So, being the product finder I am, I went to PetSmart in search of a new waterless shampoo and stumbled upon a waterless shampoo/conditioner that is supposed to help with shedding problems. This waterless product is made by the FURminator company and is supposed to help reduce shedding and improve hair coat quality with Omega 3 and 6.

Now, I know that Omegas in food and vitamin supplements are a good idea, and we already add that to Valery’s diet. However, I was unsure about the benefits when applied to the coat. I can report one distinct benefit already…it’s easier to brush her! Instead of the fur floating through the air and sticking to my skin and clothes, it collects neatly in the brush. (I use the Kong Zoom Groom) This is really encouraging me to brush Valery much more often because it’s simply less messy. I look forward to seeing if I think the product helps reduce shedding long term, but the immediate benefits are certainly awesome!