I’m happy to announce that Plum, now LEXIE, is happily residing with her new family and her brother, a cat, named Oliver. Lexie’s parents have been doing a fantastic job socializing and teaching Lexie everything she needs to know to be a good puppy.

Reportedly, she snores and often chases Oliver relentlessly around the house. She is crate trained and learning to walk on a leash. Lexie and her parents will be starting puppy classes soon and I’m sure she’s going to do great and love having other pups to wrestle around with.

A few of Lexie’s favorite toys including the Puppy Kong with peanut butter and a stuffed rat (don’t even ask!)

We visit Lexie regularly and have taken some great photos which I will be posting as soon as I get my software on my new computer.

Watch out world…the cutest pit bull mix ever has arrived on the scene! (Another successful adoption for me…another pup saved)lexie-sleeps-with-joe.JPG