Ok, so dogs don’t use calendars and I am certainly not suggesting that you should train your pups to use one…but training yourself to use a calendar can have many wonderful results. FlyLady talks about using our calendars all the time. (she sells the one I use on her website: www.flylady.net) Not only do I keep track of my life with this phenomenal wall calendar (you have to see it to believe it) I keep track of my dogs lives too.

Think of all the daily, weekly and monthly things our dogs require. Heartworm Preventative, Flea and Tick meds, other meds, grooming, bathing, nail trims, training classes, vet appointments…this list goes on and on. There are really a lot of time sensitive things that go into caring for you dog! Believe me, I have been guilty of forgetting the Heartworm Preventative or when I last gave the allergy dog his treatment bath. And with multiple dogs in my home, each with distinct needs, I must have that calendar working for me.

I order my Frontline and Tri-Heart Plus (heartworm) online, so I usually have a few months worth on hand at any one time. I write on my calendar what day to give each dog each med and then check it off when it’s administered. I also include a reminder note on the month before I run out! This helps me to remember to reorder and saves me a lot of money since I do not have to run to the vet and pay higher prices.

I wish my dogs could use the calendar and keep track of things for themselves, but until they get thumbs (lol) I think I’ll be doing it for them! Use those calendars! Stop trying to remember when Fido had his last bath or grooming appointment.