I live in a small home. At one point, before Samwise passed away, we had three dogs under the age of 4 yrs. old in the house. I had 3 dog kennels, toys, bones, fur…well you get the picture. Many of my clients would ask me how I could possibly have 3 dogs in a small home…they just couldn’t imagine it! And no, none of my dogs live outside. They play outside, but don’t live out there.

Let me tell you how I did it. I decluttered! Yes I have furniture and all the things my husband and I need to live comfortably, but I have thrown away or given away everything we do not love or need in our home. As I have mentioned before, I use FlyLady’s system for managing my life and home because I am not Born Organized. In fact, I am a born distracted messy person and before FlyLady I think I would have been overwhelmed by dog hair, mess and all the tasks that are involved with caring for many animals. With FlyLady and the decluttering that I have done in my home I have a place for all my dog toys and supplies, I use my calendar to track the care and treatments my dogs require and I am able to remember to order the products I need before I am forced to pay high store prices.

I was also ready to do the puppy training thing all over again when Samwise showed up. (yes, he arrived at our door and adopted us) I did not have to puppy proof the house and I had a safe room ready for use while he was being potty trained. And when Samwise became very ill last Fall, we were able to give him his own space, away from the other dogs and manage his meds. I truly credit FlyLady and decluttering for our ability to handle his illness and decline without our entire home falling apart.

So that’s how I do it in a small space: with routines in place, calendar to remember what I do not, and much less clutter I have a safe, peaceful home for me, my husband and our lovable dogs.