I think that if we really will think about it (and FlyLady can help you do this) you’ll realize that routines help you stay sane and enjoy the rest of life. One thing I have noticed over the past couple of years with my dogs is how much they love the routines I have for them. They understand what Mom does in the morning, afternoon and evening and what they get to do at each time. For example, although I work at home, I am often gone for several hours during the afternoon. Penny and Buckley know that when I’m gone that it’s time to rest, so even when I am home during the afternoon they rest during that same time! When you have strong routines, your dogs will feel comfortable.

Routines Help Behavioral Problems.

Dogs get bored and dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression, barking or separation anxiety often express this boredom through disruptive and destructive behaviors. However, if your dog has a general idea about what time of day is exercise time, what time is for play, when they eat etc. it provides some security and can eliminate boredom behaviors. I also suggest having certain times that your dog gets a favorite toy and a time they can have a special bone. Not just leaving everything out on the floor help bored dogs too!

As you develop your daily routines, whether you are at home during the day or at work, your dog will learn to adjust and anticipate the time they get to spend with you. Both you and your dogs will be much happier!