What does your dog like to do?

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I realize this may sound like a strange question. Most of us assume that dogs enjoy certain activities…fetching a ball, walking, or chewing a bone. But just as people enjoy a variety of activities with some being our favorites, it’s my opinion that dogs also have unique preferences.

I have encountered many owners who were frustrated with a dog who did not grasp the concept of fetch. I understand how this can be a disappointment, but each dog has a different “drive” or energy+desire for different activities. When we can accept what our pup enjoys, than we can enjoy the happiness our dog feels when doing it’s favorite thing.

For example, Penny had a high desire to play ball from the moment we brought her home, but Buckley thought that when we threw a ball he was supposed to grab it, run around the yard with it and bury it in a hole he dug. Instead of being upset with him, I provided him with toys that he had the most fun running around with while I threw a ball for Penny. One day last year, Buck decided he wanted to play ball just like Penny and now loves to fetch! Of course I am excited because he learned a new skill, but if I had pushed him to learn fetch when he showed no interest I think we both would have become frustrated.

So…find what your dog loves…do it with them…keep trying new things…you never know what your pup will surprise you with!

(obviously) fetch
a very large ball to push around
dog bubbles
a sandbox for digging
teach dog a new skill…like jumping through a hula hoop
hide toys outside where pup can’t see…teach the “find” cue

It’s that time of year…

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Life with Dogs…

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