buck_snuggle_ball.jpgDon’t you just love when your puppy falls asleep? The calm, peaceful feeling of a sleeping pup is simply wonderful. Especially when you have a high energy dog who never seems to stop those calm moments are truly a beautiful thing.

val_snuggle_ball.jpgMy dogs and I are in love with the Slumber Ball dog beds. DrsFosterSmith.com offers this special bed in a variety of fabrics and styles. I purchased what is listed as the “economy” with durable fabric made with their special “odor logic” formulation to resist the fabrics retention of odors even through washings. It really seems to help with that “stinky dog bed syndrome”. However, I didn’t find this product to be anything but luxurious. I purchased two green floral Slumber Balls for Buckley and Penny and my mom purchased the blue toile pattern for Valery. Both were lovely!

durable washable fabric with “odor logic”
zip-off cover with zipper on the bottom of the bed
variety of fabric/color combinations
filling made with poly-fill and cedar chips for freshness

I believe this is an exclusive DrsFosterSmith product and price varies with size of bed and choice of material starting at around $39 for the smallest size.

This bed is perfect for any dog who likes to “make a nest” as I call it, or scratch a bed or blanket into the perfect bed before resting…finally! Available in a variety of sizes (listed in inches with converstion chart available) this bed provides a type of secure environment for the dog who likes to be surrounded by or under bedding.

Well, they dig it! Buckley rests better during naps, Penny often sleep all night in her Slumber Ball, and Valery also seems to sleep more soundly all night. All three seem very happy with their new beds and that makes me really happy.