I have to admit that I have always been very curious about Lupine and their Guarantee. I wondered what (apart from the Guarantee and the fantastic designs) set this company’s basic leash and collar apart from so many others I see hanging from the racks at PetSmart or the like. Well, now I know and I’m a believer!penny-leash-1.JPG

There are just so many amazing features on the Lupine collar and leash that Penny has been testing for the past couple of weeks on our nightly walks. Not only am I blown away by the fabulous variety in designer colors and patterns (please take a look on the Lupine website) but the safety and comfort of the products are excellent. The leash and collar seem to be made from a standard nylon type weave, but have superior color/design and are lightweight. The adjustable slide collar has a very secure and easy slide release plastic clasp that is, I’m sure, the most secure I have encountered on a dog collar. The metal ring to attach tags and lead is thicker and more sizable than I have seen before as well.

The six foot lead is amazing as well. It is obvious when you hold the lead that there is an incredible padded handle at the end, but upon further examination, the clip used to attach the lead to the collar is of superior construction as well. Substantial, but not overly heavy, the clasp just feels secure when attached to Penny’s collar and I find the mechanism easy to operate with one thumb.

Penny loved her new collar from the moment it went on! I think that the lightweight design is comfortable to her and have noticed that she doesn’t scratch at the collar area as much as she used to. I am very pleased with the Beatlemania pattern I selected and the comfort afforded by the products when walking. And although Penny does not chew her leash and I have not experienced the guarantee, I feel sure that this company stands behind their product. If I have another leash chewing puppy in the future, I will not hesitate to spend the money on Lupine products!

What the Pup Panel thinks:

Penny: I loved this collar from the moment Mom put it on me. And I’m really glad she didn’t get me a pink one!

Buckley: Bummer! I can’t get it off Penny like I used to!

Janko: I guess it’s pretty cool…if she likes little ladybugs on her collar.

Valery: Penny looks great! I think the look is just right for her.