As an owner of a dog who came to me with extreme separation anxiety and as a dog trainer who has encountered many clients with similar issues, I have found the Comfort Zone product to be an excellent solution. Comfort Zone is currently available in three formulas: A plug-in (similar to an oil diffuser) which disperses the pheromones over a period of weeks; a spray, which can be applied to your pet’s bedding etc.; and a new formulation, a collar that you pet can wear and take the calming influence wherever they go.

I have had experience with both the diffuser and the spray with great results! In fact, I firmly believe that many dogs with problem nervous behaviors such as barking, licking, destructive behaviors and accidents in the house may benefit from exposure to this product. Check out the Comfort Zone Website full of information about their products for both cats and dogs and COUPONS for 2007!

It is my understanding that the ingredients in Comfort Zone mimic the pheromones produced by a mother dog who is nursing her puppies. Evidently for most dogs, this “scent” can have a calming effect long after puppyhood. Please be aware that the pheromones in this product have no effect on humans or other pets.

Originally, I tried this product to help relieve Buckley’s anxiety soon after I adopted him. He had extreme separation anxiety as well as difficulty potty training and frequent accidents in the house. After about 1 week, I noticed that Buckley seemed to sleep more soundly at night and the accidents in the house had diminished. I believe that this product helped me to house train Buckley as well as retrain most of his anxiety behaviors.

I have recommended this product to many of my clients who have dogs with separation anxiety as well as thunderstorm fear or other nervous behaviors. Most have reported a significant decrease in the behaviors when this product is used in conjunction with a solid behavioral modification program.

I would strongly suggest that any owner with a new rescue dog, new puppy or any dog who has experienced recent stress such as a move, use this product. If you have a dog with separation anxiety I cannot recommend this product strongly enough!


If your dog cannot be crated with panicking, destroys your house when you leave or demonstrates any other disturbing behaviors, please consult a knowledgeable veterinarian and behavioral trainer. There are many resources available to retrain and help dogs who have problem behaviors and these professionals will be able to help you come up with a plan.