Do you have a heavy shedding dog? Have you considered having this dog shaved down due to the hassle of brushing and shedding and all the mess? This is an excellent and efficient product that my family depends on to deal with the heavy undercoat of Janko, the German Shepherd.

Some of you may have seen the info-mercial for the Furminator product on TV and been skeptical. How can this brush do a better job than the typical deshedding rake or loop that we are all familiar with and is it worth the price? I was skeptical as well, but wanted to find something that would be faster and easier for my mom to use with Janko. Well, let me just say that I have been VERY impressed with this product.

At first glance you will notice that it does not have very long teeth and you’ll wonder if it can actually remove the undercoat without damaging your dog’s beautiful top coat. All you need to do is gently and firmly stroke the Furminator deshedding tool over your dog and you will be surprised how much fur your dog has! The first time we used the Furminator on Janko I thought we had brushed out another dog!

The package does warn, and I agree, that you should not brush over the same area of your dog too many times or push too hard as the tool may scrape the dog’s skin. This is because the Furminator is so efficient at removing the undercoat that you may be able to scrape the skin much sooner than you think! Use once or twice a week as part of a deshedding grooming routine.

The Furminator is available in a few sizes. We use the medium size on Janko and I don’t believe we need the largest size.

Prices differ with retailer and with the size Furminator you choose, but are somewhere in the range of $30-$60.

Do not use on single coated dogs such as poodles. Obviously I have found this to be very useful on German Shepherds but Huskies, Shelties, Goldens and many other heavily undercoated dogs will be helped by this product. We have also used this on Valery. Although most Jack Russels do not have an undercoat, Valery is unusual and has a very thick, fluffy undercoat and occasional “furminating” helps to cut down on shedding.