Dogs and dirt. They are inseparable. What can we do about the “dog” smell, the dusty dirty feet, the grass stain smeared on your white fluffy dog’s back. Sometimes, wrestling your pup into the tub or taking them to the groomer is the only option, but often all we they really need is a little touch up. Waterless Shampoo to the rescue!

This amazing product from Miracle Coat does not disappoint. Created for NO RINSE convenience, the spray is the perfect between bath, stinky dog touch up. Simply brush your dog (briefly) spray the product on your dog, (avoid eye area) rub down with a clean soft cloth and brush again. Perfect for those difficult to bathe dogs.

Waterless Shampoo has a pleasant Tea Tree Oil scent since it is made with actual Tea Tree Oil and does not leave any sort of perfume residue. Great for people who are allergic to the scent of many dog deodorants or shampoo products.

I have used this shampoo on all four of our puppy panel members with great success. I especially recommend this product when you want to avoid over drying your dog’s sensitive skin, but they did get a little dirty playing outside.

I spent about $10 for a 12 oz. spray bottle at PetSmart. Obviously, the larger your dog, the more product you will use. However, with frequent use I have found that this product lasts quite a while.

Muddy feet
Touch ups between baths
Dogs who are difficult to handle in the bathtub
Dogs who frequently have an “odor”
Owners who are allergic to “perfumed” dog deodorants
Dogs who have had surgery (with veterinary approval)