I have dogs who hate to be brushed. Penny used to run away when she saw me bring the brush out. The only way I used to be able to get the hair off her was to sit on the couch and use one of those “Pet hair pick up” sticky rollers and run it down her back as she whizzed by! I knew something had to change and when I discovered the “Zoom Groom” I knew I had found it.

The Zoom Groom is an unimpressive, often overlooked, but incredibly fantastic tool. Made with an all over rubberized material and long, tapered, flexible “teeth” it’s a magnet for hair. Good for all hair lengths, but particularly useful for the micro-short hairs found on Boxers, and Jack Russells and Rottweilers. Since there’s not much hair there, it doesn’t get caught in the normal bristles of normal brushes but the rubber texture of the Zoom Groom effectively picks up and lifts off that layer of hair that seems to sit on the top of a short coat. Do you have a dog with medium to long hair? You won’t be disappointed.

Oh yeah, and Penny loves to be brushed now! I think it must feel a lot more comfortable to her than the other brushes I’ve tried.

Between $8 and $10 depending on retailer.