Ok, for all of you who are trying to house train a puppy who loves to shred those paper puppy training pads, this is the product for you. Pooch Pads are a washable cloth pad and an excellent solution for a paper shredding puppy as well as those of us who don’t want to throw away all that paper!

PoochPad is an an absorbant, odor controlling, antimicrobial pad available in a variety of sizes as well as puppy and adult absorbancy levels. PoochPad also makes an absorbant kennel/crate pad excellent for airline travel or incontinent animals.

I have used PoochPad to housebreak 4 puppies with great success. The Pad is easy to wash and has not encouraged tearing or playing with the pad. I still use a PoochPad in Buckley’s kennel as he may occasionally have an issue with incontinence due to medical issues. This way I know I won’t come home to a soaking wet dog and can easily throw the pad in the washer and have it ready for the next day.

For kennel pads, measure the inside of your pups kennel and match.

For housebreaking, choose the coverage you like.

Many pet supply stores carry PoochPads or you can order directly from a wide range of product at poochpad.com

Around $25 and up per pad (well worth the cost if you’re pup is eating the paper ones! especially since they last at least 300 washes)