I have to start this product review by stating that I am just thrilled with the theory behind and the reality of this product. As a trainer, it is precisely what I have been recommending for years, but as an owner, I feel fortunate to have this product in my home.

Do you have a puppy or dog who does not bark or signal to go outside? Poochie Bells is a house-training system which will aid you in quickly training your puppy or older dog to tell you when they have to go out! It uses a gorgeously simple design involving 4 high quality jingle bells attached to a long, sturdy ribbon at two heights. Perfect for the smallest puppy or the tallest dog, the system is easy to work for any pup no matter how hesitant he or she may be. A slight push at any point along the ribbon results in a pleasant ring ring!

Poochie-Bells, Ring...Ring..You dog needs out.

The training of this method is simple and effective. Poochie Bells sends along with the product a card with excellent training advice for teaching your dog how to use the Poochie Bells system. Basically, you start by ringing the bells every time you take the dog out and say something like “ring the bells, it’s time to go potty” or some version of this. After a while, encourage your dog to ring the bells and immediately let them outside. I agree with Poochie Bells that you should not use treats when your dog rings the bells. The reward should be the going outside and your verbal praise!

I’ve been using Poochie Bells with Penny and Buckley for about two weeks and my mom has been using them with Valery and Janko for about 2 weeks as well.

The product is available in a wide variety of attractive ribbon colors and styles. It has a loop at the top to hang from the door handle or hook near the door, and two set of two bells each–one higher and one lower. The bells give a lovely sound that is easy to hear and the Poochie Bells system looks quite attractive hanging from the door. A series of snaps enables you to replace worn ribbons with ease and Poochie Bells sells a wide variety of replacements on their website.

Overall, I am just thrilled with the product. It has exceeded all of my expectations and I’m very please that Buckley is using Poochie Bells reliably!

What the pup panel thinks:

Buckley: “I love pushing the bells with my nose. Mom and Dad get so excited and I get to go outside! I think I’m really getting the hang of this.”

Penny: “I bark at the door, so I don’t really need the bells. But I’m really glad Buckley is using them!”

Valery: “I think I might get the hang of this!”

Janko: “I use my feet to ring the bells. And when I ring the bells, I get to go out right away!”