I was pretty excited about this product when I ordered it. I am a firm believer in Kong company products and thought that the idea of of a timer activated Kong toy dispensing device was brilliant! (For those of you not familiar with the Kong Company products, please see my reviews of other toys in their product line for more details.) I purchased my “Kong Time” from Drsfostersmith.com at a significant discount. The product is available in two sizes: Large and Medium. The size refers to the size of the classic Kong toy included, not the size of the dispenser. “Kong Time” comes with 4 Kong toys, the “Kong Time” apparatus and samples of Kong treat products, as well as the batteries needed.

Instructions are fairly straightforward–all that is needed is to install the batteries and load the Kong toys. There are 3 timer modes set easily with the push of a button. Demo mode dispenses all the toys within a minute, 4 hr. mode dispenses all toys within 4 hours and 8 hr modes releases all within 8 hrs. Very Easy!

I think this is a very safe toy provided you test your dog’s reaction to Kong toys falling out of a machine at regular intervals. The makers of Kong Time suggest, and so do I, that “Kong Time” be placed on a counter out of reach of the dog and free of obstructions. This will insure that the toys fall easily and safely and that your dog doesn’t become frustrated when a toy is stuck up on the counter!


There are only two things that I have encountered with this product that might limit it’s usability. One is that it is designed for a 1 dog household. Nobody needs a dog fight breaking out of food stuffed Kong toys while they’re at work, so I do not recommend this product for multiple dog households. Second, I did not anticipate the loud, high pitched BEEP immediately before a toy is released. This feature, while effectively signaling to the waiting puppy that a treat is coming, could frighten some dogs or cause others to bark. I had hoped to use this product with my older dog, Penny, even though I have 2 dogs in the household. Buckley is kenneled while I am gone and Penny is trustworthy enough to be loose in the house. Unfortunately, the BEEPing feature will make it impossible for me to use as I had planned. Buckley is one of those dogs who is VERY sensitive to noise and the BEEP made him bark and run around the house. I cannot imagine his frustration to have to hear that noise at regular intervals while kenneled, let alone how he would feel after he figured out that Penny was getting a new Kong every time it beeped!

Overall, a FANTASTIC product for dogs and their owners with specific needs! 4.5 woofs!