As a dog trainer, one of the biggest complaints among dog owners is that their dogs don’t walk well on a leash. The pulling, choking, gagging and dragging can drive any owner to desperation. Small dogs and large dogs both pull and it can be very scary to see your dog choking itself on the end of a leash while you are trying to get you and your dog some exercise. Not Fun!

For many dogs, the Gentle Leader is the best solution, but in some cases the owner dislikes the idea of a head halter or the dog is simply not suited for the design. Dogs with short muzzles, such as Rotties, Boxers or Pugs are not generally well suited for a Gentle Leader and the owners of these dogs may find the Sporn No Pull Harness to be the right training aid.

The Sporn is different from traditional harnesses in that it does not cross over your dog’s strong chest muscle. Instead, the padded straps go under each arm and are attached to the included collar. As the dog pulls, gentle pressure occurs under the front legs and naturally discourages pulling. In many cases, I have fitted a dog with a Sporn and the pulling has immediately stopped. It is truly amazing. And unlike a head halter there is not training or adjustment period needed to use the Sporn. Most dogs adjust immediately.

This is a training tool. Most of us want our puppies to learn to walk nicely on leash without the use of a training device and proper training with the Sporn can help you achieve this while giving you the confidence that your dog is not hurting him/herself. I have used the Sporn on both Buckley and Penny and found it very helpful and safe.

x-tra small, small, medium, large and x-tra large
Buckley at 15 lbs. wears small
Penny at 26 lbs. uses medium

Very useful for Pit Bulls, Rotties, Boxers and other pulling breeds. Also great for Jack Russells and many other feisty small breed dogs.

$22-30 depending on retailer

PetSmart and many catalogs and online retailers.