Does your dog get nervous? Pant during a thunderstorm? Cry when you leave the house? Get excited when visitors arrive? Lick feet or legs due to anxiety? Well, I have experienced all of these problems with my dogs. Buckley especially needs these treats on a regular basis, but I have found them useful on a periodic basis for all the dogs on my panel.

The treats are a soft, strong smelling, chewy treat made with herbal ingredients, which all four dogs gobbled up without much hesitation. The doses suggested are printed clearly on the side of the box with suggested number of treats per day for your dog’s weight range. For example, Buckley at 15 lbs. can have up to 3 Peace Treats per day. I have rarely used this maximum amount and usually find that 1 treat helps him when he is very restless. For thunderstorm anxiety I use 2 for him. Valery, at 19 lbs has responded well to 1 treat during a storm with significantly less panting and nervous licking behaviors.

Oat Straw, Linden Flower, Hungarian Chamomile Flower Extract, Alfalfa, Garlic and many other ingredients.

THIS IS A WHEAT FREE TREAT! I was excited to discover that Janko could use this treat for anxiety since he seems to have a wheat sensitivity.

At aprox. 5.99 (at PetSmart) for 10 oz. I have found this product to be a good value.