buckleypage.jpgJack Russell Terrier Squared.

Buckley is a 6 year old Jack Russell with an incredibly high drive! We adopted Buckley when he was about 5 months old from a couple who had rescued him from an abusive situation.

Buckley has had many behavioral issues over the years including separation anxiety which we have worked hard to overcome and seen significant improvement! He tends to be very dominant with other dogs and therefore doesn’t often play well with others.

Buckley is a natural comic who loves to do silly stuff and make people laugh. He loves just about all people and most people love him too.

age: 6
weight: 16 lbs
behavioral issues: separation anxiety, mild dog aggression
likes: digging holes! hunting rodents, singing with mom and playing ball
dislikes: being alone, loud noises, CATS
eats: Royal Canin Mini Adult
Health Problems: Allergies, Heart Murmur, pain condition etc.